What if the songwriters & producers for some of the biggest names in the music industry (Santana, Sarah McLaughlin, Kanye West & others), came together to write songs reflecting racial unity & social justice? The result...“Oneness: Songs of Hope & Unity”, the new CD from Oneness!

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El CD “Marcas de Ayer” de Adriana Mezzadri lo puedes comprar exclusivamente aqui, solo cliquea en la foto de Adriana arriba y podras escuchar el CD y luego comprarlo.  
Adriana Mezzadri’s “Marcas de Ayer” CD featuring the single Marcas de Ayer, is available exclusively here.
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Sacred and Classical Children's Collection
Adriana Mezzadri
Marcas de Ayer
Embrace the World Vol. I
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Devon Gundry
At The Top
of My Lungs
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Latest Releases
Embrace the World Tour DVD
Leonor Dely
Amame - Palabras
Ocultas de Bahá’u’lláh
Leonor Dely
In 2004 the Embrace the World Tour swept the US and Canada bringing together Lin Cheng, Farzad, Leonor Dely & Millero Congo, and KC Porter to promote the oneness of humanity through their music.
22 minutes
Perfect for local cable access broadcast!
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Paco Gatsby
NEW!   Temple of Light CD - Only $15.95
Raising funds for the Baha’i Temple in Chile
Help join over 100 artists from around the globe that teamed together to make this 22 song CD a reality! Featuring music from Ahdieh, The Baha’i Chorale, Christopher Faizi, Devon Gundry, Emma Layli, Ava, Kiskadee, Behzad, Grant Hindin Miller, JB Eckl, Eric Dozier, KC Porter, Leonor Dely, Kamal Siegal & many more.
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Oneness - Songs of Hope & Unity